Zen and the Art of Laboratory Accreditation
(Some freewheeling random resources…)

~ Dr.
Sachin Kale

Quality is a Journey not a Destination...!

Why they say so, you realise when you start the work!

And when the inevitable journey begins, one finds that one is not at all equipped to understand language and terminology that ISO standards speak.

For laboratories aspiring to go for accreditation in India, NABL website or NABH website is the starting point. From there it goes on to download all NABL documents relevant to medical laboratories from here. And NABH documents are here.
The starting point for NABL are two documents, they are the Bible, Geeta and Kuran for NABL! And they are ISO 15189, which can be purchased from Bureau of Indian Standards; and NABL 112. That is where it begins (and ends!)

This presentation by Dr Thuppil Venkatesh, Lead Assessor & TC member NABL may help you.

An article by Lucia Berte, called "Laboratory Quality Management: A Road map", is also good for understanding Quality.

Resources from CAP are also useful in further our understanding.

To further your understanding you may refer to Standards for the Medical Laboratory by Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK) Ltd.

Series of You-tube videos by David Burnett (Consultant in quality and accreditation systems), speaking at the 1st European Symposium on Quality Management in Laboratory Medicine, may help you.  

For understanding multi-part QC rules a series of talks by Dr. Bhide is very simple to understand..

When it comes to Quality we can not forget Dr. James Westgard's website.

Undergoing Internal Auditor training also helps in orienting oneself towards accreditation..

Having an ISO consultant may help.. and then documentation , record keeping, staff training are the areas to work on .. after the gap analysis.

This book by Shubhangi Tambweker looks good.

These You-tube vidoes by International Experts in Laboratory Quality, discussing the difficult challenges facing our laboratories, are providing advanced ideas on how to overcome those challenges.

What is Variance Indix Score: Article by Whitehead

Report of A Trial with Lyophilised QC Sera in the CMCH/ACBI EQAS Programmes in India
R. Selvakumar, S. Swaminathan and J. J. Fleming

Free ISO 9000:2000 Quality Manual

Quality is invisible when GOOD,       
      Impossible to ignore when BAD
 A presentation by Dr.Mrs.Nalini Ramamurty

Quality assurance in laboratories  Laboratory Training for Field Epidemiologists. by WHO

Understanding EQAS

How to Face ISO Audit Youtube video...

   But in the end it is not about accreditation, as Dr. Vineeta Sood of Panchkula was saying, quality is a continuous effort,   not a destination, and not a accreditation too! I think it is your conscious:)

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