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Here are some links that I find useful and regularly check...


Scientific Databases:

These are some databases useful for searching scientific studies, case reports and reviews.

Tips for searching medical literature:

These are some of the resources that I found valuable in understanding how a literature search should be carried out.


Pubmed (If you can not find what you are looking for, don't forget to check the MeSH database at pubmed, to fine tune your search term)

Google Scholar (Has simple interface, & no learning curve for google-philes)

Indian Medlars (For India specific literature search)

HighWire Press (For searching through number of journals)

Some Presentations on Scientific Methods:

The scientific method: A way to solve a problem

The Scientific Method

Scientific Method

*If you think you don't have time for all this, here is help for this problem too! - Time Management Training :)


Searching the Literature: (from academic services Millbrook House)

Searching the medical literature (An article from ip online)

The Literature of Science and Medicine (A great presentation)

All About Searching the Medical Literature (Another presentation)

So you want to write a paper? Here is something that might help you.

How to Write and Publish Papers in Medical Journals and How to be a Good Peer Reviewer (For the serious, & casual researcher, video as well as transcript in pdf format available)

Tests of Significance (If null hypothesis makes your head spin, check this out)

VassarStats (So you have decided which test of significance is right for your study, you need help in carrying it out; so who do you turn to? Simle Vassar stat!)

Core Pathology Material:

Surgical Pathology Unknown Conference: Johns Hopkins (Very handy to test ourselves, also to get a taste how they do it at JHU, and to understand surgical pathology in general. Its search function is useful to find organ wise cases, or for finding a  case by diagnosis)

Cytopathology Conference : Johns Hopkins (Again great way to understand cytopathology; wish it was more frequent, and had a search function like the surgical path conference.)

JC Prolla - Cytopathology home page (The man is doing fantastic work and sharing it too, good place to learn the cyto business)

Diagnostic Imaging forum (Good cases, good discussion, wish it was in english)

Sampurna Roy's Website (The lady is doing great work and teaching it as well; I especially liked the GI biopsy section.)

Pathology Outlines (Like to check this out before signing out something, so as not to miss anything)

Atlas of Head and Neck Pathology (Lots of information and pictures)

I have compiled some other resources at ipath server; those can be found here.

There are many other resources, but instead of reinventing the wheel I would just like to direct you to for the complete list.


Laboratory protocols online (Need a protocol for some test etc., here is the place)

Health Blog Directory (How can we leave out the ubiquitous blogs, they have a world of their own - the blogosphere.)


One can also use search function of individual journals to search papers in that journal, I sometimes try this for clinical pathology related queries -

New England Journal of Medicine

British Medical Journal

Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (of course for pathology searches)

Freemedical (A list for free online journals, Oh! You know this one, don't you?)

Lamar Soutter Library - UMass Medical School (For checking journals and evidence based stuff)

Videoconferences and webcasts: (Lectures delivered at our doorstep, that too anytime, any number of times. Now it's possible to get global while being local; no traveling & no registration charges also, use it! You can also download the videos, using a software called Net Transport; I am waiting for the day, when I will be able to transfer these downloaded videos to some handheld device like Palm or smart phone and carry it in my pocket anywhere, so that whenever there is spare time, I can view it.)

UPMC Pathology Conference (Mostly surgical pathology material)

NIH VideoCasting (General medical topics, some can be to interesting to us)

Arizona Telemedicine Program Grand Rounds (Some topics from interdisciplinary & medicine grand rounds could be of interest to pathologists.)

AFIP Grand Round Videoteleconferences (No video, but valuable pdfs)

Johns Hopkins CPC (From Junagarh to Johns Hopkins! At the click of a mouse)

Phew! I might have forgotten some, but here you are; it's (nearly) my lifetime's work on the net; Bye!

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