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Dr.Sachin Kale,
Greetings from Bangalore1
I enjoy reading your "Monthly Microscope".
I ask the budding and young pathologist like you, one question,"Have you chosen your career in Pathology by coice or by default?" This has a lot of bearing on the future of success in the career as a pathologist.I have chosen my career in Patholoy by choice.I had thrree options:Medicine,ENT and Pathology
I obtained my M.D. in Patholoy and Microbiology in 1954.
Convey my blessings to Saurav and best wishes to Dr.(Mrs) Asmita (What is her speciality?) and regards to your parents.Is your son a buff in cricket?
Convey my best wishes to Dr.Jayant and Dr.Mrs.Baride,Dr.S.D.Patil,Dr.Khalil and Prof.(Mrs.) Bansal
I wish for your continued success!

Dr. S. G. Deodhare, Former Dean & Prof. of Pathology, JJ Medical college and Hospital Mumbai

(Author of Bhende and Deodhare's textbook of Pathology.)

Dear Sachin,
Thank you.
Congratulations on the good work you are doing.
Keep it up.
Happy New Year to you and yours.
Thank you for your sentiments.
Peof. B. M. Hegde, MD, FAMS, FRCP, FACC, former VC of Manipal

Hi Dr Kale, 

Thanks for the information on Guru net.It was also good to see your family pics.I left Tata memorial Hosp.Mumbai in 1993 after 11 years in histopathology,prior to which i was in grantmedical college for 10 years where i did my MD in1975.I started  my private lab  in 1998 and realised the need of pathology literature which was so readily available in the above hospitals.Tele pathology is really  helpful and i  admire your young spirit of enthusiasm.

Keep up the good work. 

dr (mrs) sunaina bhasin 

Dear Dr Sachin


I agree with Dr. Dilip you have really inspired pathologists with the power

of the internet on pathoindia

Keep posting ur interesting cases. 

Neeta Kumar

I must confess that I admire Sachin's josh!! Sitting far away in distant
Aurangabad , this young Pathologist sends positive vibes to all only because
of his Positive Attitude towards Life!

Keep it up, Sachin.

Kind Regards,

Dr MChandrashekhar,
Director Lab Medicine & Transfusion Services,
Max Healthcare, New Delhi.

From: Kurt Brauchli kurt.brauchli@gmail.com

I recently saw your nice video presentation. I wanted to ask if 

I can link that. I also wanted to ask you if you can help me produce 

a page with links to good online pathology resources. I can set up a 

page on iPath that you could edit.

best greetings

Kurt Brauchli, University of Basel, Telemedicine



Links to on-line pathology resources

Dr. Sachin Kale has prepared a list of links to education pathology web sites which you can find here. BTW: he has also recorded some very nice presentations about using internet and telepathology for educational purpose. You can find these presentations on his homepage. Have a look, it is really interesting (KB)


Dear Dr. Sachin, enjoyed the vivax pamorama & the monthly microscope very much. Keep us informing about the gems that you find out from the sea of internet. Happy new Year!

Dr. Anil Joshi, Pune

It was really a pleasure hearing from u and what uīre doing. Iīm fan of India and people from India. I īm from Brasil, northeast and I practice pathology in Joao Pessoa, PB. The photos of caseous linphnode are amazing! Letīs keep on touch.

Paula Rodrigues.


hi from Bolivia

 Estimado  Dr. Sachin Kale
Me permito saludarlo muy cordialmente , yo soy el Dr. Walter Reynaldo Jimenez soy Medico Patologo, vivo en la ciudad de santa cruz de la sierra- Bolivia.
Perdon por escribirle en espaņol , mi ingles no es muy bueno por ahora.
Yo estoy interesado en la telepatologia, si su persona puede ayudarme seria de mucho interes para mi .
agradeciendo de antemano su colaboracion me despido con un cordial saludo
Dr. Walter Reynaldo Jimenez


Dear Sachin,
Greetings from Sevagram!
I have always enjoyed the video uploaded by you. The recent one have solved a querry which we had around one month back. Thanks

Thanks Sachin

I keep reading all your cases and you are doing tremendous work on your website.

Keep it up 

I am enjoying my MBA it is an entirely different take from studying medicine. 

Did I mention to you that I can get most of the journal full length articles being associated with Wash U library.

In case I did not please take this as an open offer any time you need articles, send me a mail 

Keep in touch 

Dr. Neha Dahiya

Dear Colleague,

Enjoyed seeing your webpages and newsletter.

May I ask: Is your lab at your residence?


From: CapallDubh@aol.com

In a message dated 10/30/2006 1:41:19 A.M. GMT Standard Time, drss.kale@gmail.com writes:

Yes, (it is quite embarrassing to admit), but my residence and lab are in the same building. This is so for most of the facilities in India, including practicing physicians & surgeons. May I know something about you? 

Regards,~ Sachin

About me:

US Pathologist in Northern Indiana, surgpath/dermpath & forensic medicine practice, private lab and univ. teaching 

From: CapallDubh@aol.com

Respected Dr Kale
                          happy new year.I am practising pathologist.I have motic microscope.I  have been told you are the best person who can guide  me how it can be used
for telepathology.Kindly let me know if there is any trainig programme on telepathology.Thanks.
Dr Harish Sati

Dear Dr Sachin
Thats an amazing piece of information you have just shared..
Have been looking for a compilation like this for a long time.
Warm Regards

Dr. Sachin
I have visited your web site recently. I found it very interesting. Do you use any soft ware for histopathology and cytopathology reporting? In your web site there was a link of gross description software. I would like to use a software.
With thanks
Dr. Mostafa, Bangladesh

Dear Dr. Sachin,

A great presentation by means of content no doubt about it, I had
gone to a party last night & I could not sleep so I logged on &
listened to your full 55 min. lecture.
Few points:

1. the video playback lagged behind the audio presentation although
I have a broadband connection & the files were being played at 32kbps
2.the powerpoint slides were clear but the websites being shown were
3. once again if possible this lecture in a powerpoint show like the
malaria diagnosis would be more useful
4.if that is not possible please give us a list of the resources
mentioned in the lecture including the mailing lists you subscribe
to with their brief desription & the telepathology resources you
regularly use.

I think by the way Dr. Kale you eat, drink & breathe "pathology &
internet" & if I were on the jury for giving an award to someone who
has really inspired pathologists with the power of the internet on
pathoindia I would definitely give it to you.

with best regards,

Dr. Dilip Ramrakhiani, About presentaion "Internet Tour Bus for Doctors"

Hello Sachin, 

In appreciation of your efforts, a link to your "Monthly Microscope", has been added on the pathoindia website www.pathoindia.com

 Best wishes,

_________ johnson

Dear Dr Kale,


The monthly microscope is a wonderful initiative. Keep the good work going. I was interested in your Quality control in monitoring glycemia and the Dengue workup articles. I would suggest more of histopathology with lots of pictures!!

 Dr Gazi N Ahmed, MD, DCP 

Respected Dr Sachin 

 Let me be the first one to congratulate you on the good work done..

 all the material is informative and good food for thought!!



From: drgirishkamat@rediffmail.com 


About video posted at - http://sachinkale.blogspot.com

Dear Dr Sachin
Real commendable video..it was indeed thrilling to watch the worm wriggle right into the computer screen!!

Anupama Arya

About video posted at - http://sachinkale.blogspot.com

Hi Dr Sachin,
The veido is excellent, great job, about the case its definately a
larval form of Strongyloides stercoralis. 

Hello Dr Sachin

I had a look at the presentation. It is well made....very creative also.

Medical errors and reducing them to a miniscule level is a constant effort here in US.
There are protocols and protocols to do things the right way.
The thing which really works is ....when an error is comitted it is not hidden but discussed objectively by all concerned to learn from the incident. Thgis helps prevent similar mistakes happening.

It requires high degree of responsibility and involvement to achieve near perfection in healthcare., but nonethless it can be done.

I am sure your presentation was appreciated by the IMA members

Neha Dahiya

(About presentation "Medical errors: What is current thinking" posted at http://www.kalepathlab.5gigs.com/medicalerror.ppt)


Dear Dr. Sachin, 

I must really congratulate you with the excellent images of the

cases you post on the web. 

I have a question.

Since, I have also bought a nikon coolpix digital camera on your

recommendation I would like to know how do you capture images from

your binocular microscope using your camera. What camera settings in

Nikon are necessary before you try to capture an image?

And doesn't the lens hit the eyepiece if you are concentrating on

the LCD screen & using the auto focus mode? By the way do you use

the auto mode on the camera(with green camera icon on dial) or you

use any of the scene modes? And how do you get rid of the black

circle around the image, is it by zooming it & cropping it into a

square image.  

Kindly let me know the exact method to capture the image & the

software you use in order to improve its quality once captured. 

I hope this information will benefit both the budding as well as the

senior pathologists who own a digital camera & a microscope without

an adaptor who want to share their interesting / problematic cases

with rest of the pathoindia community like you.

PS: also please explain in detail how you post cases on the net?

with best regards, 

Dr. Dilip Ramrakhiani.

Totally agreed to dr.sachin kale's remark.I wonder why in our country online CME even with cost is not happening.Many conferances are held has to concentrate on lodging ,boarding,travelling and fun of participant.There a lot we have learned dr.kale through forum,monthly microscope etc...
All conferances needs to give PPT/article in SOFT COPY with charges of course.And certificate can be given for the same.(proof of participation)It can bring down cost of learning as one might not have to travel all the way.

Jayesh Trivedi

I am Dr.Vaishali jawade.
Maharashtrian by birth.
Borne &brought up in Marathwada.
Native of Parali Vaijnath.Dist Beed
Did MBBS.from GMC,nagpur.
M.D.Path from GMC,Nagpur.
Now chief of Dr.Lalpathlabs.at Faridabad,Hariyana.
Got information about You from Pathoindia &your various websides.
I am happy that a maharashtrian is working in such a nice way   by using internet as a tool for education &updating knowledge.
I also want to follow the path.
Here i am coming across around 1000 tests.
Now learning how the lab medicine can really help physician to arrive at a perticular  diagnosis.
It's a great experience working with Dr. lal.
Quality of everything is maintained in a strict way.
From the phlebotomist to The boss ,no one can compromise on Quality.may it be the courier boy ,he must know how &where 7which samples to put  in the cold box.
I would like to share my experience with all the pathologists of India.
waiting for your reply.