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Internt Tour Bus for Doctors!  (7.74 MB zip file,  download, unzip, find the presentation inet final.pps; click on it to view the show)

Medical errors: What is the current thinking? (An 8.5 MB ppt file.)





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Pathology Quiz Autoimmune diseases



27 Feb 2018


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Kaun Banega Qualitypati

*This website represents my work from last 10 - 15 years and has become bit dated.. For following  my latest work, connect with me on Facebook and follow my YouTube channel.




Presentation on 6 Dec 2015

Click here



Presentation at APCON 2014, the National conference of Pathologists and Microbiologists, AFMC Pune


Presentation at APCON 2013, the National conference of Pathologists and Microbiologists 15/12/2013, GMC, Aurangabad.


Cryptococcal Meningitis -CSF India Ink preparation

sachin Kale, pathology, Cryptococcus, India Ink
Cryptococcus neoformans is the fungus that causes this disease. It is usually found in soil. If you breathe it in, it infects your lungs. The infection may go away on its own, remain in the lungs only, or spread throughout the body (disseminate).

This infection is most often seen in people with a weakened immune system, such as those with HIV infection, taking high doses of corticosteroid medications, cancer chemotherapy, or who have Hodgkin's disease.

Cryptococcus is one of the most common life-threatening fungal infections in people with AIDS.


MGM Medical College Kidney Part 2


Talk at Nashik PPA

Dr. Sachin Kale Talk at Nashik
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MGM Medical College Lecture Kidney Part 1 11/06/13

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Bacteriology, cytology, histopathology of tuberculosis with some general information is here.

Kale's Conundrums!
Curious case of two thrombocytopenias, click on image to go to case page...
macrocytic anemia by sachin kale

Giardia trophs in motion... sorry for the noise ..


Interesting photomics of case of Rectal Ulcer  - Click on image below to go to case page..

Amebic trophozoites

It was good experience to be invited by Deccan Association of Pathologist to talk about Internet Resources for Pathologists, at the risk of sounding cliched, have to say that I enjoyed it as much as they enjoyed it..
Sachin Kale Internet Pathology talk at Kolhapur

I think, it is better to keep ourselves occupied with a hobby, to fill up the little free time that we get.  Hence I have taken up birding since last few days -
If you want check out some of the birding pictures, you can check out my public birding album on facebook.
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Yeah! Things have been quite hectic, pathology lab (s) that I look after, taking away lot of time and effort. New thing was to learn some accounting concepts, undergoing stress test for insurance purpose, solving some great pathology cases, buying Indigo Manza, enjoying Bollywood dance workout by fitness guru, and swimming (on and off). Also managed to read 'Plight of Honesty' a story about Indian bureucrasy By Dr. Sundaram.
And working frantically on SOPs, and 15189 standard for lab.
Then there were MAPCON slides to be reviewed, which we are doing with lot of enthusiasm. Also having some fun on Facebook.
Hope to interact with you!
5th term
Pathology Presentations -

Tumors of testis and prostate

Tumors of Cervix and Uterus

Lecture on Introduction to Anemia,  Monday, 2/1/14 Right click on the link below, and click save as.. Download PPT

Lecture on Neoplasia,  Monday, 23/12/13 Right click on the following link. and click save as..  Download ppt

Male and Female Genital system

Visit to Hyderabad

Michale Jackson

Had a great trip to Hyderbad, visited Dr. Savitri Sharma and Dr. Geeta Vemuganti at L. V. Prasad Hospital. Saw the excellent center of excellence that they have built. The routine work, the research and the sense of doing routine work with excellence was prevalent in the staff from lower to upper rung. Can not show some personal photos as I lost my HTC S710 cellphone on the way. Good riddance in a way! On the look out for some cell between 12 to 15 K. Let us see...    02.08.09


Audio of my talk at Coimbatore Medical College

This time I had the honor of being invited to Coimbatore Medical College to give a talk on mainly Computer Assisted Literature search. So, I dealt in detail with how to search relevent medical information using common search engines like google, then went on to talk about being a power user of pubmed, pubmed advanced and MESH. Then also told about gopubmed and curbside.md. Then praised and strongly recommended the High Wire Press. Also showed the Indian Medlars Center website.

But I took the opportunity to squeeze in information about

 •What medical journals are available.
•Some useful websites, portals & algorithms
•Online lectures, webcasts, videocasts
•CMEs, Medical Statistics
•Web 2.0 – Podcasts, RSS feeds, Blogs.
•Evidence based resources
•Interact online with doctors in India and around the world through email and telemedicine.

You can check the 1 hour audio by clicking the link above.


My presentation on 'Telemedicine' in "National Seminar on 21st Century Medical Education in India", 23rd Sept 2008 at SMIMS, Kanyakumari - click on the picture below.

  Dr. Sachin Kale, MD.(Pathology) Aurangabad.

The write up on the topic is here.


A video of entertainment program held during the course of seminar -



Obituary: Sadanand Kale My Father     

Dr. Sachin Kale, MD.(Pathology) Aurangabad.        At work

Hills, Ourskirts of

Bibi Ka Muqbara, Aurangabad 

Startrails on Univerity Campus, Goga Baba Tekdi

Reunion GMC 1991 batch

Reunion Class Ten, Sarswati Bhuvan High School



Welcome to my cyber abode!

I am a practicing pathologist, my laboratory (should qualify as SOHO, I guess!) is located in Mitra Nagar area, in Aurangabad city.  

I did my MBBS from GMC Aurangabad in 1997 and my MD from Ambajogai in 1999, since then I have been using the internet for educating myself

I am keenly interested in reading books,  telepathology, web site development and little bit of computer programming too. 

Through the medium of internet and telepathology, I like to interact with pathologists and laboratory professionals from India and around the world. I mingle with my online friends through these mailing lists.  I find this activity very educative and enlightening. You could say, I am a pathologist educated by the internet & online colleagues!

I have presented number of cases in Indian and International online forums; These cases can be found here. I think, I have learnt lots of things in the process.

I am quite passionate about application of computers and internet for improving health care delivery. Hence, I have started a newsletter called “The Monthly Microscope”. In this, some new & interesting abstracts, gleaned from online medical journals are discussed. All the issues of this newsletter can be found at above link, that is - http://drss.kale.googlepages.com/mmicroscope.htm

I have also experimented with giving online talks. These talks (slides & audio) can be checked out here – 

1) Build your own free website in 10 min  (Plays in Windows Media Player) 

2) Internet resources for Dr. Sushruta  (Plays in Windows Media Player, audio quality poor)  

3) Lab diagnosis of Malaria  (Plays in Real Player; presented in Physician Asso. of Aurangabad)  PowerPoint file of the same presentation is here. If you see this as a PowerPoint 'show', you can hear me talk also!

4) Telepathology and Teleducation resources for pathologists (Plays in Real Player)

So that's it, if you feel like contacting me regarding anything and everything,  just drop an email.